I’ve had the joy and privilege of working with Aimee in a variety of collaborative settings - from co-designing an innovative, transformational gathering for 50 changemakers, to distilling core principles and practices for an emerging organization, to navigating interpersonal conflicts within a small team. Aimee possesses a potent combination of strengths: keen insight, a great depth of awareness, the nimbleness to gracefully pivot, the capacity to stand firm, the trustworthiness to follow through and to add a splash of creativity. She’s a remarkable team player and one of my most depended upon go tos when I’m in an organizational or personal pinch.
— Chris Moore-Backman, Author & Trainer with East Point Peace Academy
My personal work with Aimee has made me a better daughter, partner, and teacher. Her work with my class has modeled how to not underestimate my students’ abilities to be critical thinkers, reflective and empathetic. And her work with the school staff started us on the road to healing and re-thinking how we relate as an organization that serves at-risk youth. There is so much to say about my work with Aimee...just too wonderful for words!
— Carolyn Grimaldi, Teacher, Willard Alternative High School
In workshops with Aimee, I felt held to do my inner work by her warm-heart, presence, and compassion. She doesn’t miss a beat, and is attuned to needs in the room beautifully. This woman has such passion and care in her work to support our journeys of healing and living fully!
— Melanie P., Workshop Participant
I’ve worked with Aimee in a variety of situations, and her presence, vulnerability, empathy, and facilitation skills have helped to create places of rich learning and deep restoration. Aimee knows how to stay effective when the level of intensity is high, she knows how to lean into conflict to hear the essence of what is valued, and she knows how to use processes that transform conflict and create practical outcomes.
— Kathleen Macferran, Founder/Lead Trainer, Strength of Connection
I could write am essay on how much I’ve benefited from receiving coaching, unconditional support, and connection from Aimee. And how grateful I feel that she’s been so flexible, intuitive, and open in our time together. I have so much trust in her care and passion for what she does.
— Corey O., Coaching Client
Over the past year Aimee facilitated our organization to help resolve some conflicts, and create deeper collaboration and trust. She very effectively drew on her skills, experience, and especially her intuition, to sensitively guide the interactions, allowing all voices to be heard. She created a safe space where difficult conversations could come to effective resolution. Aimee is very gifted in facilitating group interactions, and we are very grateful to have had her help.
— Rod and Brooks Newton, Founders, The Novalis Project
I have often enjoyed how Aimee facilitates - the way she invites participation, gives structure so its clear what’s happening, and brings out the wisdom of the group. I have been thankful for the learning I’ve gotten from watching her in tough situations during mediation and conflict transformation synthesize and support understanding. She brings her heart and an ability to track small details while also holding the big picture. I have also been touched again and again at how her ability to create a safe, empathic space whether in one on one conversations or a group process.
— Marcia Christen, Owner/Lead Trainer, Compassionate Language


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