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Insecurity as Superpower 6-Week Series

  • Peace House 543 S. Mountain Avenue Ashland, Oregon (map)

There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.  ~Leonard Cohen

There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.
~Leonard Cohen

Come discover the wisdom, courage, and grace that lies within your vulnerability.  

Together, we’ll be creating a safe, nurturing space to experience the inner freedom, expansiveness and creativity that arises when we turn towards our insecurities and limiting beliefs with warmth and curiosity.

The world needs you, as you are! This will be a space to dive into the inner work, so you can step out and give your gifts in the world.

Have you ever doubted yourself or lost touch with your sense of grounded self-worth?  Have you ever let go of some or all of your dreams because your inner critic told you that you “shouldn’t” or “couldn’t”...that it’d be better to spare yourself the embarrassment and just play small?  Or maybe you’ve completely forgotten what your gifts are and what contribution you’re here to make?

Do you know the body sensations that go along with this?  Maybe it’s a heartachy feeling. Or a heaviness in your face or shoulders?  Or a tightness in your throat?

In this class, we’ll be diving into those thoughts and feelings in order to discover the profound insights and transformation that lies within them.  Instead of turning away or trying to change these thoughts and experiences, we’ll be taking a radically different approach - stepping towards them with curiosity and an open heart so that we can unlock the gifts they hold.   We’ll be looking at where our beliefs about our self-worth come from - be it systems of oppression, childhood experiences, or ancestral trauma - and discovering ways to heal and uplift our personal and collective stories. We’ll acknowledge our past while also dreaming into our future, and make space for our fears, while also stepping into giving our gifts. Participants will leave with practical skills, embodied self-confidence, and a deeper sense of support and community.

This class draws on the philosophy and practices from:

  • Internal Family Systems (Parts Work)

  • Process Work

  • Compassionate (Nonviolent) Communication

  • Interpersonal Neurobiology

  • Yoga and Meditation

Who is this class for?  Anyone who wants to embrace their whole being and step more fully into the life that is waiting for them.  Anyone who wants to do their own personal healing so they can more fully give their gifts in service to a world that works for all.

A note from Aimee:

This workshop series is near and dear to my heart, as it is something I am offering from WITHIN the experience of insecurity and the journey of awakening to wholeness. That is to say, I am not an expert looking back on my experience of “that time I felt insecure;” rather, I am in the midst of coming home to Self and embracing my gifts and challenges on the way.

I’ve let go of imagining that this will be a linear process, or one that even has a traditional ending. Instead, I’ve decided to embrace the fact that “this is where I’m at right now” - this moment; these struggles; these stories about myself…this is where I’m at. From this place, my question has become: how can I be head-over-heels in love with “what is”, and, at the same time, aspire to embody more love, presence, and empowerment? It’s not something that I’ll answer intellectually, and am excited to be creating spaces to live into that question experientially, and in community, with others.

I also want to acknowledge that I am a white, cis-gendered, able-bodied woman, and that my experiences and worldview have inevitably been shaped by these privileges, despite my best attempts to learn and unlearn how systemic oppression lives in and around me. As part of this series, I’ll be inviting each of us to look at how our layers of identity, as well as our personal and ancestral histories, impact our stories about our worth. Together, we’ll explore ways we can bring compassion and healing to our pasts, while also claiming our full empowerment and responsibility for our future.

Free Taster Class

Saturday, March 23rd

3pm-5pm @ Hidden Springs Wellness Center

6-Week Series

Thursdays , April 11 ~ May 16

6:30pm ~ 8:30pm @ Peace House


Insecurity as Superpower - 6-week Series
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Insecurity as Superpower - FREE TASTER