Effective Workplace Communication
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Effective Workplace Communication

  • What if meetings were a place where both human connection and efficient decision making were a priority?
  • How much more enjoyable could your workday be if you could move through the "interpersonal stuff" with ease?
  • What would it be like if you didn't have to wait for others to start, but you could be the change agent for your workplace?

Join Aimee Ryan and Patrick Marsolek for a day-long workshop where you'll learn and practice skills to support effective workplace communication, efficient collaboration, and creative decision making. This training aims to give you tools to turn frustrating workplace relationships and lifeless meetings into spaces for clarity, teamwork, and purposeful action.  Whether you're part of a large company, or you work in small teams, or you're a volunteer on a board of directors, this workshop will give you practical, doable next steps to start turning your workplace and professional relationships into productive, meaningful experiences.  

Cost ~ $80
5 CEUs available for LCSW, LMFT, LCPC, LAC & OPI

About the trainers:

Aimee Ryan
is a Certified NVC Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication, a Certified Mediator, and an experienced facilitator. She works with individuals, groups, and organizations to support them in becoming their fullest selves and bringing their greatest potential to the world. Learn more here

Patrick Marsolek is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, author, and facilitator. He works with businesses, individuals, and families on how to communicate effectively and compassionately. Learn more here.

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Northwest NVC Conference & Festival
to Oct 2

Northwest NVC Conference & Festival

How Do We Do This Human Thing?

Northwest Nonviolent Communication Conference & Festival
Saturday, Oct 1 & Sunday, Oct 2, 10am-4pm
West Sound Academy (Poulsbo, WA, USA)

Get the skills you need to navigate relationships in ways that really work!

NW Compassionate Communication and NVC Trainer Candidate Community Path participants are excited to bring you two days of exploration, training, and practice in the consciousness, skills and practice of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a toolkit for deep self connection, real compassion, and the ability to transform our conflicts into opportunities for understanding, efficiency and connection. With over 15 trainers from around the country, there will be many offerings to choose from to practice:

  • Cultivating critical self-empathy skills to increase your awareness and understanding

  • Speaking your truth in a way that is far more likely to be understood

  • Learning ways to listen and offer empathy in any situation

  • Offering compassionate understanding to others

  • Preventing and resolving misunderstandings and conflicts

  • Building personal and professional relationships characterized by trust and mutuality

Who is this workshop for?

  • Anyone looking for easier and more connecting ways to communicate and relate

  • Anyone who knows about NVC and wants more support, training, or practice

  • Folks interested in coming together to explore community building, effective collaboration, and personal growth

  • We think you’ll enjoy this workshop if you’re a: parent, teacher, helping professional, employee, employer, couple, family, child, teen, young adult, adult, grandparent, faith community member, social change agent, or individual just trying to figure out what it means to be human

While thrilling and beautiful at times, this being human thing can be tough! Between navigating personal and professional relationships, finding our true purpose and work in the world, and facing the social, political, and environmental challenges of our time, things can get stressful. If in the midst of all of this you’re feeling overwhelmed and lost, confused or frustrated, you’re not alone.  

Register here to join us!

Question? Contact Marcia Christen at marcia@compassionate-language.com

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Life Transitions: Rediscovering the Spark Within
to Sep 20

Life Transitions: Rediscovering the Spark Within

Join Kathleen Macferran and Mary Mackenzie for a 6-day experiential workshop - Life Transitions: Rediscovering the Spark Within.  

This workshop aims to empower individuals to move through transitions, big and small, with ease, clarity, and self-compassion. Whether you're going through a life change or supporting someone who is, this workshop will help you to:

- spend less time being stressed
- see the beauty in the challenge
- find peace amid the chaos
- get back to balance faster
- ask for help when you need it
- and so much more!

This retreat applies Nonviolent Communication principles and processes to the “Managing Transitions” framework, a combination that Mary and Kathleen have experienced to be complementary and powerful.  They have found this workshop works well for those with no NVC experience as well as those who have an integrated NVC practice.

Mary and Kathleen have been offering this workshop around the country, and the people attending have represented a huge range of life transitions - some working through career changes, others focusing on intimate relationships, or life purpose, or healing from physical/mental/emotional dis-ease, while still others came without a clear transition in mind.  So far, the feedback that they’ve gotten tells them that participants are leaving with a deeper sense of themselves and their process, as well as greater confidence to face their current transition or the ones yet to come.  

Workshop details:

  • To register: http://nvctraining.com/LifeTransitions

  • Dates:  September 15th - 20th

  • Location: Seabeck Conference Center, just outside of Seattle on Hood Canal (we’ll be staying in the Spruce building)

  • Price: (until 7/31): $925 (single occupancy) / $800 (double occupancy); (starting 8/1): $975 (single occupancy) / $850 (double occupancy). These prices include tuition, lodging, and all meals...such a sweet deal!

  • Bonus: 25 CEUs available thru CNVC for LSW, MFT, and RN

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Aimee Ryan (aimee@explorecoreconnections.com).


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Root Down to Rise Up
to Feb 29

Root Down to Rise Up

  • Red Wilow Learning Center (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Root Down to Rise Up: An Exploration of Yoga and Compassionate Communication

Mondays, January 25th - February 29th, 2016

As I go through my own journey of self-connection, navigate the ever-changing path of interpersonal relationships, and find my footing on the way to realizing my purpose, I'm continually drawn to two philosophies - yoga and Compassionate Communication (aka Nonviolent Communication or NVC).  My life has been shaped by the inquiry and curiosity that both inspire, and while it's certainly a never ending ride, I feel super excited to offer a space for all of us to dive into this process of discovery.

During this 6-week course, we'll be exploring the connection between our inner and outer worlds; between the relationships we have to our bodies and minds and the relationships we have to each other and the world around us.  With the principles of both yoga and Compassionate Communication as our guides, we'll discover new ways to show up as our whole selves and to be fully present to other.

This class will include gentle movement exercises, journaling and introspection, and experiential activities.

My intention is to give you the the tools and skills to:

  • connect authentically with your mind and body in any circumstance
  • offer compassionate understanding to others and know when and how to ask for it yourself
  • speak your truth in a way that is far more likely to create harmony than conflict
  • listen for the deeper meaning in the messages coming from your body, mind, and other individuals
  • connect your values with your words and action

Cost ~ $155/person
Sliding fee scale is available. For more information, call (406) 721-0033

Offering 12 Continuing Education Units

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