Hello and welcome to my little corner of the Internet.  My name is Aimee Ryan and I'm the founder/owner of Core Connections.  Here's a little bit about me...

I'm passionate about co-creating a world where everyone is empowered to show up as their fullest selves, where everyone’s needs matter, and where there is space for all voices to be heard.  I support individuals, families, communities, organizations, and leaders through 1-on-1 coaching, private trainings, public workshops, group facilitation, and organizational consulting. 

I have been studying yoga, mindfulness, and mediation practices for over 17 years.  As a Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication,  a Certified Yoga Teacher and a Certified Power Pilates Instructor, I bring a unique perspective to my offerings, infusing compassionate communication,  body awareness and mindfulness practices in my work.  I am also a Certified Mediator with the Community Dispute Resolution Center of Missoula County, where I serve as a member of the board of directors.

I'm most excited about collaborating with those who are seeking both personal growth and planetary transformation; those that want to "do their work" so that together we can create a world that truly works for everyone. 

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Here are a few of the highlights from my educational and career pursuits:

  • Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer ~ Center for Nonviolent Communication
  • Certified Mediator - Community Dispute Resolution Center of Missoula
  • Registered Yoga Teacher ~ Yoga Alliance
  • Certified Power Pilates Instructor ~ Power Pilates
  • Executive Director ~ Montana World Affairs Council
  • B.A. in Political Science: International Relations and Comparative Government & Philosophy ~ University of Montana